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Submitted on
January 24, 2009
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The Twin Dragons Azure and Flower:

In a forest far from the temple were there two young dragons.
“Flower don’t go too far away.” said her brother.
He was a yellow dragon with black marks, a black belly and blue eyes just like his father, the only difference they have is that he have a black dragon symbol on his right shoulder there goes down his arm.

“I’m here Azure!” said his sister, she was a beautiful green dragon with flowers on her back just like her mother, that there was different about her was that she have a beautiful red rose there grow near her left horn.

The two dragons was very different, but there liked each other very much.
“Come on Flower, we shall find the herbs mom asked us to find.” Her brother was always in a hurry, was there something you asked him to do so did he it right away.
But his sister had it just the other way, she liked to relax and enjoy the nature, she can specially like flowers, because they are so beautiful.
“Come on you can see the flowers later.” said the yellow dragon there was getting tired of his sister.
“Alright I’m coming.” The green dragoness ran to her brother.

While they were searching for the herbs then thought the yellow dragon about something:
“Hey Flower… couldn’t it be fun to try to see something else than this forest?” his sister understand him but she like this forest and there village.
“But what do you think that mom and dad would say to that?” asked the green dragoness and looked at her brother.
“We could ask them.” answered her brother.

After some time without talking, funded they the herbs they should find for their mother.
“Should we then leave Leafian?” asked the green dragoness her brother.
“If you want too.” answered the yellow dragon while he picked the herbs.
“You don’t have to go with me if you don’t want too.” said the yellow dragon after a long pause.
The green dragoness thought about it, she couldn’t go without her brother, they have always been together.
“Alright I’ll go with you.” she said to her brother.
“Great, so shall we just ask mom and dad.” said her brother.

They walked back to their village, they never talked so much to each other, because there never happen anything in their village so there wasn’t so much to talk about.
They finally got back to the village, it haven’t changes in all these years.

The two siblings walked into their hut where there mother fixed some of her medical things.
“Hey mom, may me and Flower leave Leafian in some days?” asked the yellow dragon, he could like always not wait.
Their mother looked at them and didn’t understand why.
“Why will you do that?”
“Because there is never happening something here and we are bored.” answered the yellow dragon.
Their mother thought about it, she has it fun with her mate when she leaved the village but she didn’t know that they should go, so she answered:
“I don’t know, try to ask your father.”
The two dragons walked to a room next to the other where their father was.
“Dad can me and Flower leave Leafian in some days? We are bored.” said the yellow dragon to his father.
He thought about it, he remembered when he was traveling with the purple dragon and the others, and then he answered:
“Hmm… Sure why not, just that you will take care of each other so is it okay with me.”
“Alright! So let us get going.” said the yellow dragon there always was busy.
“Hey hey you can wait to tomorrow.” said their father there laughed a little over his son’s behavior.
“Alright dad.” said they both.

The yellow dragon was excited to leave the village, but his sister still didn’t know that she would leave or not, but she couldn’t just leave her brother, so she would go with him.
Alright here is the next chapter. :)
I'm still haveing problems with the correction of the text.
I'm trying by myself... so if there is some mistakes so just ignore them. ^^;

My "Correcter" are having problems with his computer so he can't correcet my chapters, if there is some gramar problems so will I say sorry. ^^;

I own:
Spark the Thunder Dragon
Leaf the Nature Dragon
Azure the Yellow Dragon and
Flower the Green Dragoness.

Please comment and enjoy. :D

Next CH: [link]
First CH: [link]
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Dammig Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This story is great also but now i must stop reading cus the world is spinning and my eyes hurt but i will read more(after 30 mins rest ^^.)
DragonofDarkness1992 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay... :XD:
Dammig Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope you will read my short story too named The Haunted.
DragonofDarkness1992 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I will... in a sec. ^^;
XSDSTITCH Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2009
Nice chapter!

Fugeo: Well... I ask me where they meet each other...
DragonofDarkness1992 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You will find out... If I can get the next chapter done by tomorrow...
XSDSTITCH Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009
Fugeo: Did this place have a name?
DragonofDarkness1992 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What place? :?
XSDSTITCH Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009
Where they meet...
DragonofDarkness1992 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The kids?... You will see...
I'll never tell someone about my chapters... :D
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