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Submitted on
January 18, 2009
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Goodbye friends:

Hope and Draco embraced each other, while the others discussed about whether they could trust him or not, but they came up with that they would give him one chance.
“Draco.” said Spyro, Draco tuned his head at Spyro.
“What is it?” asked Draco.
“We will give you another chance.” answered Spyro.
“Alright.” said Draco and kissed Hope again.

Leaf thought about something.
“Yes Leaf?”
“That question you asked last time we was here in the village, I think I want to do it now.” said Leaf and blushed.
Spark thought about what she meant, but remembered what it was.
“Really?!” asked Spark who blushed too.
“Yeah I want to.” answered Leaf.
“You will be a good mother Leaf.” said Spark and kissed her.

After some time walked they to the others.
“Sorry guys but we have to leave.” said Spark, the others were surprised.
“Why?” Cynder asked confused.
“Because we…want to be alone, if you know what I mean.” answered Leaf.
Cynder began to blush, she and Spyro had thought about that as well, she looked at her love and saw that he blushed too.
“Do you mean children?” asked Draco, they all blushed.
“Mmm…Yes.” answered Spark.

Draco thought about something.
“Hey Hope shouldn’t we also try to get a kid?” he asked.
Hope looked surprised at him.
“Really? Do you want to have a child with me?” asked Hope.
“I’ll do many things with just you.” answered Draco and kissed her.

“Hope that we will see you another time.” said Leaf while her and Spark flew back to Leafian.
“Yes we will!” shouted the others back to them.
“And what about you two?” asked Cynder.
“We will go to the mountains…and also try to get a child.” said Hope while she blushed.
“Okay good luck with it, me and Cynder will go back to the temple.” said Spyro.
“Okay see you later.” said Hope and flew with Draco to the mountains.

“Should we go home?” said Spyro and the two dragons flew back to the temple.
While they were flying Cynder thought about what the others had decided and asked Spyro:
“Spyro…Should we also…”
Spyro knew what she was thinking.
“Of course, I would love to have a child with you.” said Spyro and smiled, Cynder smiled back and they flew towards the sunset.


(To be continued… )
Alright here is the last chapter of my first fanfic.
If my "correcter" will be finish with the first chapter of my next fanfic
so will post that tomorrow. :D
I hope that you enjoyed this fanfic because it was my first.

Thanks to :icongenobee8492: for the correction of the text.

I own:
Hope the Darkfire Dragon,
Spark the Thunder Dragon,
Leaf the Nature Dragon,
Draco the Darkness Dragon

If you like my characters you may use them
but ask me frist.

Spyro and Cynder belongs to Sierra!

Please comment and enjoy. :D

First CH of my next fanfic: [link]
First CH: [link]
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