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Submitted on
December 22, 2008
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The first kiss:

It was getting late, so they landed near a forest were they could sleep.

Spyro walked into the forest to find some wood so they could build a fire. The others just sat and waited. Spark stared at Cynder and Hope just out of boredom. Hope noticed it and that annoyed her.
“Will you stop staring at me!” she said annoyed.
Then he woke up and said:
“Sorry, relax.”
`Why is she like that? I haven’t done anything to her yet´ he thought.
“Hey relax you two.” said Cynder.
“You shouldn’t fight, you should try to work together instead.”
“I’ll try to work together, but she will not.” Spark said.
Cynder looked at her sister and asked:
“Why not Hope?” Hope looked at the ground and looked at Cynder.
“I just don’t like him.” She answered.
“Why am I not surprised.” said Spark.
`This is going to be a long trip´ Cynder thought.

At last came Spyro with wood for the fire. He found it strange there was silence there, but ignored it, he lit the fire.
They all just stood there in silence, until Spyro said to Cynder:
“Come Cyn there is something I want to show you.” “Uhh…okay.” She answered.
They walked into the forest, the two others was wondering what it could be.

Cynder followed Spyro and wondered what it was he would show her. “Close your eyes.” said Spyro. She did what he said and could feel that he showed her the way.
“Okay open your eyes.” He said. She opened her eyes and saw a beautiful lake with different colored flowers.
“Spyro it is beautiful.” She said surprised.
“Not as beautiful as you are.” He blushed when he said that. “Rea-really, do you think?” now she blushed too. “Cynder…” it was like time itself stopped.
“I love you.” He bowed forward and gave her a passionate kiss. Cynder was surprised, but enjoyed it and kissed back.

They continued like that for some time, but they didn’t notice that Spark had followed them and saw what they was doing. He was crushed, now he just wanted to forget it all, but he could not just leave them. He has promised that he would help them and he keeps his promises.

He walked back to the fireplace. Hope was already asleep so he thought that he should try to sleep too, but it was hard. He couldn’t forget what he just saw, he should just try to forget Cynder.

Later came Spyro and Cynder back from the romantic moment and saw that the other two were asleep, they thought that they also should try to get some sleep, so they laid together.
“Goodnight my love.” said Spyro.
“Goodnight dear.” Cynder said and they kissed goodnight and slept.
Here is my 8th chapter of my fanfic.

Thanks to :icongenobee8492: for the correction of the text.

I own Hope the Darkfire Dragon
and Spark the Thunder Dragon.

Spyro and Cynder belongs to Sierra!


Next CH: [link]
First CH: [link]
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