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Submitted on
December 15, 2008
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Small talk:

The three dragons walk together to the village.
Spyro walked behind Cynder and Hope, he listening to there chit chat.
They talked for several minutes before Spyro asked.

“Hey Hope what kind of elements do you have?”
Hope looked on Spyro like she finally gets the chance to talk to him.
“I have a special element because it is two elements mixed together.” answered Hope.
“Is that possible?” asked Cynder surprised.
“I thought that only the purple dragon should be able to have more than one element.”
“No, I know many other dragons with two mixed elements.” answered Hope.
“What two elements do you have?” Spyro asked again.
“I have fire and darkness as my elements, so that does me to a Darkfire dragon.” answered Hope.

“A Darkfire dragon, unbelievable.” said Spyro there had been very interested in Hope.
Cynder noticed that Spyro talked a lot with Hope, which was very annoyed of it and tried to change the topic.
“How big is the village?” Cynder asked desperately.
“It is not that big.” answered Hope.
“But that is many dragons in the village.” said Hope and looked at Cynder.
“We can maybe find a handsome dragon to you.”

Cynder looked directly at Hope like she has bend offended.
Hope smiled at Cynder and said:
“it was just a joke.” laughed Hope.
But Cynder don’t see the funny in that, Spyro smiled and looked at Cynder.
“Can’t you take a joke?” said Hope.
“No I can’t!” said Cynder offended and run.
Spyro run after Cynder “com on Cynder it was just a joke.” said Spyro.
“Sorry.” said Hope behind them.
“it was not my purpose to get you mad.”
“Are you okay Cyn?” said Spyro.
Cynder looked wired at Spyro `he has never called me “Cyn” before.´ she thought.
“Uhm… I’m fine, I only overreacted sorry.” answered Cynder.
“It’s okay.” said Spyro.

“Should we continue.” said Hope like she was busy.
“Why so busy?” asked Cynder.
“So we can get to the village before darkness falls.” answered Hope.
The three dragons continued they small talk.
My second chapter of my fanficton inspired by :iconshade105:
I have got Cynders nikname from Shade105
but I have not asked him
so I'll say sorry. ^^;

I own Hope the Darkfire Dragon.
You may use her but ask me frist

Spyro and Cynder belongs to Sierra!

If I have made some mistakes
so sayed it to me so I can fix it.

Plesed comment. :D

Next CH: [link]
First CH: [link]
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